Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Men's prayer breakfast guys get roped into moving out the old stove.

Wes wanted you to know that when Robert asked the guys from Wednesday morning prayer breakfast to help move some metal he said it was a "sheet of metal". Robert countered saying no he said a "piece of metal". Well the guys from the Well, helped move a 640 lb piece of the old stove to Robert's truck this morning. The good news no injuries, the big old greasy thing is out of the shop, and with little to no effort Drew took it to the salvage yard and made $50.00. Personally, I think Robert and Drew should buy the guys breakfast. Thank you,
Jeremy, Reggie, Wes, Chris, Andy, Robert and Drew.
Out the front doors.

To the truck.

In the truck, Yeah!!!


Wes said...

To say it was a piece of metal may have been the understatement of the day... Glad we could help anyway :) I know you are glad to have that beast out of there.

reverendrockstar said...

Yep- better than body pump! And very safe in flip-flops...

Andy said...

I would like to go lift that a few more times actually.