Friday, February 8, 2008


I took the day off today. The plan was to go to Atlanta, but I really wanted to be home this weekend. I took a long bath in my claw foot tub and read this morning and then off to meet Lara at the New Moon Cafe for coffee. It turns out that she couldn't stay though as her husband is sick and she had to go open the Blue Magnolia. I ran a few errands and then entended to spend the rest of the day at my sewing machine. Well, I texted Megan and asked her to skip class and go shopping with me. The amazing thing was she had her phone on and said she would be willing to skip her afternoon classes. Woo Hoo! We spent the afternoon shopping and shopping and shopping. Then we had dinner together. I bought a pair of dress jeans in a size smaller than the last pair of jeans I bought. Woo Hoo, for the the girl with no rhythm that continues to go to step class! It may not have been the most productive day off, but it was a great day all the same. However, looking at the picture I am glad I got the dress even though I don't have anywhere to wear it, at least it adds some color to the basic black rut I seem to be stuck in. Oh, and I did get some polka dot drinking glasses as we have gone on a drinking glass breaking spree.

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