Saturday, February 16, 2008


I got to spend the day at the Blue Magnolia. It is an unusual gift shop downtown that our friends Lara and Matt Plocha own and operate. They took a much needed weekend off, so I got to try my hand at running the store. It was fun. I enjoyed talking to all the people that came in and offering my help. (such as it was) And I got to try my hand at retail. And I came away with a couple of great items as well. :-) Thanks Lara and Matt for letting me spend the day at the store.


reverendrockstar said...

So was everything 75% off?

Lara P said...

Kathy rocked the store last Saturday - thanks Kathy for being such a true friend and coming to our rescue when we most needed it! You can pull a shift at blue magnolia any time.