Thursday, February 21, 2008

Late week.

This is my late week at work, which means that I and another nurse have to stay until the last patient goes home or is admitted to the floor. In the big scope of things work a late week every six weeks is no big deal. However, I don't bounce back from 10 hour work days like I used to. So, Robert has been totally in charge of dinner all week. Bless his heart. I have come home eaten and sat on the couch for a little while and gone to bed. And I have been waiting for baskets to go on sale at Hobby Lobby and they are on sale this week, so I am hopeful that if I get out of work before 6:00p.m. then I could run to Aiken and get these baskets I want for my bathroom. Well, tonight that happened. I got out at 5:40 came home scarfed down dinner and went to Hobby Lobby. I save Robert a lot of money tonight. One of the funny things is when Robert was making mac and cheese to go with our dinner, he added salsa. (out of habit of making queso) So, that added a little spice to our dinner. As of now I am up 27 minutes past my bedtime. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Wait...we have a Hobby Lobby?

Mullismayhem said...

In Aiken.