Sunday, July 29, 2007

Watching Megan and Michael run-bike-run.

Megan and Michael signed up for a triathlon. But, it rained and there was thunder so they were not allowed in the water. So, it ended up being a duathlon they ran 3 miles, biked 11miles and then ran 3 more miles. Robert and I were just going to go for the finish, but because of the rain they started late and we got to see the whole race. It was pretty amazing. Age ranges were from 12-73. Michael's mom Jenny was there so we got to visit and cheer people on, in between chatting. We decided that we got tired just clapping and walking back and forth to the starting line three times, so we did not think that we would sign up for the a triathlon any time soon. This is a picture of them before the race started.
And they are off! Megan signed up for novice. Michael stayed back with Megan, or he would have been in the first wave.

The first 3 miles are over and they are still smiling!

Now 11 miles on bikes on slippery wet roads!

The dismount. Jenny and I were happy to see them dismount carefully as we had seen several people slip and crash at this point.

The finish-line 1 hour and 49 minutes! Woo hoo! I say way to go!

Still smiling, but a lot sweatier!
I'm glad we got to see the whole race it was lots of fun, to be cheering them on at every start and finish.

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