Thursday, July 12, 2007

Talk of opening a quilt shop.

I had been talking with my quilting friends about opening a quilt shop. We thought that north Atlanta could support another shop. We had conversations about what we would want in a shop. Where would we locate it. What would the name be. What classes we would offer. Robert and I looked at some places in North Atlanta, but we felt like we were just dreaming, because real estate in Alpharetta is very expensive.

In January while I was visiting our daughter Megan who lives in Augusta. I stopped to look at this building. Megan had been telling us we needed to look at it, so I finally did. It was built in 1916 as a grocery store. It has an apartment on the second floor and the last business on the ground floor was a Chinese Restaurant. It was in rough shape, but I felt like it had potetial. I called Robert to come to Augusta and to look at the building. He did, and brought two of our best friends. Beth and Don Leonard. It was an interesting mix. Beth, Robert and I could see the potential. Don could see the expense and the work. I will admit that the apartment overwhelmed me. I could see the potential for what would be the shop on the first floor, especially with Beth there. Anyway we made an offer and got the building.

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Susan said...

Not at all what I imagined! So much more cozy! "Commercial building" does not do this justice!