Thursday, July 26, 2007

Living in the construction zone.

Well, living in the construction zone has been harder than working on it for the week or a weekend and going back to Alpharetta to a "done" place. Robert has tried to make it live-able with organizing boxes and working on the kitchen. He has had to repair the place in the living room floor where there used to be stairs, by cutting pine floors out of the bathroom and adding them to the living room. The kitchen is almost done. Robert put in the tile floor last week and the counter tops were installed on Monday. Now he says the painting of the walls and the ceiling tiles are all up to me. So, I'd better get busy.

Beginning of the stair repair and a practice run for setting the tile on point.

Megan and Tallulah trying out the first couple of rows of tile. Even when there is not really a kitchen we all still gather there.

Almost there. I love the tile set on point like this.
Okay this is all you get to see until I get the painting done.

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