Sunday, July 22, 2007

Urban dogs.

I thought one of the hardest things about moving here would be the dogs. They went from having a dog door to a large fenced backyard to no yard at all. They and we had to learn to have urban dogs. Our dogs have never really had to do their business while on a leash. The first time we brought them to Augusta it was 12 hours before the did any duty while on the leash. After all that is private. But, as it turns out they have adapted and so have we. Now they are as urban as the little chihuahua and the boxer that we see in the mornings. This is a picture of Greene St. We walk down here every day. It is only a block from our place.

The last two Sundays, we have become the people that I complain about. The ones that walk their dogs everywhere. We walked 11 blocks to The Pizza Joint where they have a dog friendly patio and had dinner. They funny thing is they brought water out to the dogs before they brought water to us. Tallulah being tired from the walk did really well. Sabueso, was a little bit of a chicken. After all he had never been allowed to do anything like this before and who knows if the water was really safe to drink. ;-)
The new perch to look out the window to Telfair St.

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