Friday, January 11, 2008

My husband the supper sander stainer man.

I came home totally expecting to help Robert sand our bedroom floors so we could sand more on Saturday and then maybe start the staining process. To my surprise Robert had finished the sanding and had almost all of the staining done. Drew and I took the sanders back to the rental place and went by Lowe's for one more can of stain. Robert finished up, showered and we all went to dinner. Robert took some Ibuprofen, we watched a movie and he crashed. This is much different than the way I thought I would be spending the evening.

This is where he was when I came home.

Guess who "helped".


Lara said...

Wow! It looks beautiful! I'm in the process of stripping paint off the trim in an upstairs bedroom. The ugly, cheap, off-white paint revealed a beautiful dark wood underneath!!! I can't wait to see your bedroom when it's finished!

Mullismayhem said...

And I can't wait to see pictures of what you have done as well.