Sunday, January 13, 2008

So, this one time during church.......

So, during church this morning Robert got a call from our alarm company. He didn't answer the phone cause we were in church, he does set out to drive over to check it out. He calls the alarm company on the way and they say the alarm has been deactivated and, when he gets to the house, Megan's car is there. He decides not to stop and comes back to church. After church I call Megan to meet us for lunch and during lunch we get to hear the story. Megan stopped by our house after she got out of her church to drop a couple of things off. When she opened the door the alarm warning sounded. ("Oh, crap" was her first thought) She couldn't remember the code, so she looked for a phone to call us. None was to be now the piercing alarm had started to sound and the dogs had fled to the back, holding one ear and she tried what she thought was the code and it worked and she was able to disarm the alarm. Her thoughts, on the whole drama "if I was a robber I that alarm would make me pee my pants"

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