Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have received many wonderful gifts from my friends and family. This birthday was no exception. Robert surprised me with tickets to the quilt market in October, with him going along as my business manager, adviser person. Woo Hoo! Beth and Don gave my a picture that says "live love laugh". It matches the colors of my kitchen perfectly and fit above the kitchen window and covered the place on the wall that wasn't perfect. Last night at small group I was surprised with a peanut butter ice cream cake (mmm mmm) and a beautiful candle. I received lots of emails, several snail mail cards, a text message and a couple of phone calls, one complete with a crazy rendition of the happy birthday song. Megan and Drew gave me a picture album made on shutterfly. It was a wonderful gift that brought laughter and tears. There has been a lot of that mixture lately, laughter and tears.
Here is the link to view it. If it does work as a hyperlink copy and paste it into the address line.
You do not have to sign in, just click on the view photo book button.

Thank you all for all of your thoughtfulness. I am overwhelmed by your love.


Lara said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry we missed it. The album that the kids gave you is absolutely beautiful and I love the lyrics at the end. It truly shows your "missionary" heart and the number of lives and nations that the Lord has used you to impact. I love you!

Mullismayhem said...

Thanks Lara, I love you too and miss you lots.