Thursday, August 9, 2007

Some pictures of rooms that are mostly done.

Robert has been working really hard, while I have been back in Atlanta for my last couple of weeks of work.

Drew's room. Hopefully we will get curtains and get them up soon, so we can take down the brown paper.

Perfect room for a teenage boy. More like a cave. He loves that it is a dark room.

Final shot of Drew's bathroom. Complete with mirror, towel racks and a rug!
This is the coolest (temperature wise) room in the house. I have been tempted to take a page out of Tallulah and my friend Gail's book, and lay on the cold tile to cool down. As our thermometer read 112 degrees today! Welcome to Hot-gusta.


Lara said...

Looks great, Kathy! I can only imagine how hot it is there. It was in the upper 90s here today - very unusual. I was missing our central air!

Keep the posts coming :)


Mullismayhem said...
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