Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Today is my 45th birthday and I have spent some time the last couple of days just trying to be thankful. That has been my theme when I am walking the dogs in the morning. Just telling God what I am thankful for. To be a person that is humbly grateful, not grumbly hateful. So, I thought I would try to give you 45 things I am thankful for. In no particular order.

1. Robert-I take him for granted. It isn't every husband that would quit his job and move to another city and work tirelessly on an old building, so that his wife could pursue her dream.
2. Megan-That she loves me and enjoys spending time with me.
3. Drew- He is a great kid who sometimes gets a bad rap.
4. My home, it is almost finished.
5. Walking my dogs in the quiet of the morning.
6. Being creative with quilting.
7. Riding my motorcycle with Robert.
8. The new church we now are members of.
9. Good health, and being able to ride my bicycle to and from work.
10. My friends who love me and support me, even when it means moving away.
11. Grace.........where would I be without that.
12. Airconditioning.
13. Bubble baths.
14. Sitting on my porch, and seeing people we know and waving.
15. My faithful dog at her master's feet.
16. Sharing the same birthday as my Dad and my friend Bliss.
17. Working in pediatrics last week and this week.
18. Prayer, talking with the Creator of the Universe and quietly listening for His voice.
19. My Bible and what is divinly written in its pages. And the things that I written in it to remind me of people and events and things I have learned.
20. Laughter.
21. My hands and feet.
22. Songs. Sometimes I wake up with a song in my heart.
23. My extended family.
24. Strong arms and legs. Even though they sometimes ache.
25. Rain. We have had a little the last couple of days.
26. Helmets and people who see me when I am on my bike.
27. Books.
28. Books on tape.
29. Old and new quilts.
30. Fabric.
31. Old hyms with new music.
32. A good cup of coffee.
33. A cold beer on a hot day.
34. My eyes, even though they need some help from glasses.
35. Hearing.
36. The beautiful sunset we had last night.
37. Seeing the sun come up.
38. Sleeping in on Saturday.
39. Color.
40. The breeze that blows everyday on my way home.
41. Truth.
42. Freedom.
43. Mercy.
44. Love.
45. Celebrating.

So, what are you thankful for?
Let me know I would love to hear from you.

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Susan said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!!! I hope you had a wonderful one. As I read through your 45 blessings there were many there that I echo...family, friends, eyes, actually almost everything! Your kitchen looks amazing and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!!! Happy day, every day! :D