Monday, September 10, 2007

45, forgetful and whining.

So, I'm 45 and if I have any deviation from the routine, I forget something. Time card, phone, water bottle, sunglasses, keys and even my bra. I had to wear my sports bra to work one day, not only was it sweaty from the bike ride, but it gave me that not so flattering uni-boob look all day. So, I guess you gotta laugh at yourself and maybe just maybe I actually need to make a...............list and check it twice.

And yesterday I was talking to Megan as I was going into the mall and I totally could not find my way out. I had to stop and tell the person at the info desk what I remembered about where I came in, (which wasn't much) and get them to point me in the right direction. OY!

And while I'm whining, I have zits on my chin (which I don't think is really fair at 45) and a fire ant bite on my toe that is driving me crazy.

Waaaah, I know if this is all I have to complain about, life is still good.

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