Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today I interviewed for a job on the Oncology floor, a full time evening position is available. I have such mixed feelings about it. I haven't been in the hospital for 7 years. Things have changed. Kim the nurse manager, didn't seen to be phased by that, she said I had continuous nursing experience and that the other stuff they would teach me.

There is rumors of a job opening up in the outpatient oncology department as well. It would be the same shift that I am working now, which I like because I get to ride to work with Megan.
I wouldn't be able to do that with the other job. However, there is a lot to be said about working evenings and getting things done during the day. I don't feel I have the luxury to wait very long. Just the fact that I would have a full time job is a good thing. But, I don't want to rush into a job and hate it. One step at a time......take the next step............

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Susan said...

just now catching up with the recent blogs....the one from Thursday indicates that a decision has been made, but it doesn't say which're leaving me hanging here! :D It is good to have a picture into what's happening. Still miss you guys!! Hope Drew is well. I keep praying for friends for him up there! He's so social, he really needs his friends.