Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some bathroom history.

Here is the first look at the master closet and bathroom combo. You walked through the closet to get to the little bathroom. The good news is that we always had a working toilet. We used the shower once Robert got the hot water heater hooked up.

After some demo, by yours truly.
I even got to cut the hole in the wall for the electricians to be able to wire the lights.

One freezing cold weekend in March, Robert and I moved the futon imattress to the closet so we could use a space heater and stay warm. As it was very cold the night before. This is one of the times that I wished we had done this ten years ago when we were younger and sleeping on the floor wasn't such a big deal.

After we moved in and Robert got the vanity hooked up.
And before the kitchen sink was hooked up.

Robert got the closet shelf/hanger thing up and we actually have a place to hang our clothes.

Woo Hoo!

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