Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quilt donation.

The word is out at work about quilting and the shop. I have had offers of help from the peds charge nurse's Mom. (I think she is 80 ;-)) I have found out about a quilt show in a couple of weeks and got the names of a couple of quilt guilds. Woo Hoo! Quilters love to network and share. I got a call today asking if I would donate a quilt for a silent auction for Ambulatory Care to raise money for American Heart. I said I would love to. I am going to donate a T-shirt quilt that Debbie and I made as a sample when we had a booth at Taste of Alpharetta. It's kinda of cool that word is getting out and kinda scary, as we haven't even started on the shop area yet. The quilt is a fun snuggle size made up of Georgia teams. It makes me think about hitting the Goodwill shops for some Augusta t-shirts, to see what I can come up with.

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