Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mostly finished.

I thought I would show you some more of the progress and the mostly finished rooms.
Here is the living room, with some of my quilts on the old ladder behind the TV.

The painted pantry doors and trim. I really love the doors. The neat nicks in my family think I am crazy because now people can see into my disorganized pantry.

The little hall way area with a couple of book cases. Drew's door is on the right and the second bathroom is to the left of the bookcase.

The entry way with two old theater seats, and a bin to hold dog leashes and my purse.
We are using the old crock to hold umbrellas.

We, ordered one shade to test it out to see if we liked it. I think it is a go, except we want it to block more light. Which can be ordered. But, the cool thing is my sewing studio has been in the basement for several years and now I have natural light to sew by. Boy, my middle-aged eyes love natural light.

The third bedroom with a bookcase and the futon.
You have to love old houses. I wanted you to see how the floor is slanted in the third bedroom, but this picture doesn't really do it justice.
So, there you have the latest on the Mullis house.

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