Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feeling words

delighted joyful festive contented complacent satisfied serene comfortable peaceful tranquile cstatic rapturous elated transported enthusiastic inspired glad beatific pleased blissful cheerful genial cheery sunny high-spirited exultant
light-hearted buoyant debonair exuberant saucy jaunty lively spirited animated jubilant
vivacious brisk sparkling merry mirthful hilarious exhilarated jovial jolly playful gleeful frisky

crestfallen despondent disheartened discouraged low low spirited ill at ease sorrowful downcast dejected unhappy
depressed disconsolate melancholy out of sorts heavy-hearted discontented glum moody moping sullen
somber sulky joyless spiritless dismal darkclouded frowning mournful dreadful
oppressed downhearted flat dull gloomy cheerless woeful woebegone dreary in the dumps

resentful annoyed inflamed provoked incensed infuriated offended
irritated sullen wrought up worked up indignantirate
enraged sulky bitter virulent acrimonious boiling
furious in a stew up in arms in a huff turning wrathful

injured offended grieved distressed in pain sad
suffering afflicted worried aching crushed pathetic
victimized heartbroken hapless in despair agonized tragic
tortured piteous woeful rueful mournful

fearful frightened in fear timid chicken nervous diffident fainthearted scared trembling
tremulous shaky apprehensive fidgety aghast terrified pannicked quaking cowardly
hysterical yellow alarmed shocked horrified insecure anxious worried threatened menaced
upset misgiving doubtful suspicious hesitant irresolute awed dismayed appalled petrified

concerned affected fascinated
engrossed intrigued absorbed
excited curious inquisitive
inquiring nosy snoopy

encouraged courageous securere assured bold
brave daring gallant self-reliant
spirited resolute stout hearted enterprising hardy
determined audacious dauntless certain

unbelieving skeptical distrustful
suspicious dubious uncertain
questioning wavering hesitant
perplexed indecisive

keen earnest intent
ardent zealous anxious
enthusiastic avid hot-headed

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