Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quiet time thoughts.

My friend Margaret gave me a book of daily devotions when I left the surgery center. The title of the book is, Thoughts From The Diary Of A Desperate Man. I was reading one on faith and knowing. He states that "faith is commitment before knowing". "Thus the two words 'faith' and 'know' stand opposite one another. When you know (scientifically) you need not have faith, and 'without faith you cannot please God.' God does not want you to know. He wants you to walk by faith" Anyway this has given me something to meditate on the last couple of days. I want to know. I want to know that Robert will find a job, and that I will have a job before my contract ends. I want to know that we can finish everything we have started and actually open a quilt store and make a living. But, I feel like God is asking me to commit before knowing. Commit before knowing. Commit before knowing! He is asking me to walk by faith.

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